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THEATRO was founded with the aim of giving children and young people an outlet for self expression through music, song, dance and drama encouraging creativity, building self confidence and learning new skills in a lively, enjoyable and non-competitive environment.

THEATRO runs hourly classes that are personally devised to help equip students with the necessary skills to flourish in the world around them. We work closely observing our students and work to cater to their individual needs.

We have some who are born for the stage and some who are shy or lacking in self confidence so we at THEATRO help them to find that voice and to stand proudly on their own two feet through encouragement.
It is work in progress and gives us an amazing feeling of pride to watch and see our students grow a foot taller in confidence.
Students develop their social skills and make lots of new friends in the process and above all have fun in a safe environment.

By adopting a model of this intimate style of teaching – each individual child gets an opportunity to shine in their own way and discover and develop their character in a nurturing environment.

The Theatro Team are all Garda vetted

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The enthusiasm shown and dedication displayed at Theatro was wonderful, thanks for a great year, Kate loves Theatro!
Thanks for such a caring and diligent approach to the children, they really enjoyed the whole experience and look forward to the next classes.
Helen and her team’s interest in and commitment to the students is infectious and Lily just loved her time with Theatro and can’t wait to return.
The crew loved Theatro, just disappointed that there is no summer Camp but you can’t have it all I suppose.!
Helen’s classes are operated in a professional, encouraging environment. She has a fantastic way of bringing out talents in our two girls that we did not even know they had. This was very evident at the end-of-year performances in Cois na hAbhna. A must for all!
Marian & Mick O Dwyer

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Sing, Dance, Act...Shine with Confidence!

Theatro School of Performing Arts, Ennis
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